Commercial Sandblasting

When you thought that the steel tank at your industry should be replaced due to over-accumulation of rust, we come to offer affordable sandblasting solutions in Orange County in California. With specialty in industrial and commercial sandblast services, our company can handle all related needs in a safe and efficient way. We serve Anaheim, Long Beach, and all cities in Orange County. Need to smooth up a concrete surface in your industry? Want commercial sandblasting in Orange County? Give us a call and let us handle such requests.

No matter which commercial sandblasting service you need, we can help

What you need when steel, wood, concrete, or stucco surfaces are dirty is commercial sandblasting service. In commercial and industrial sites, there is often a need to clean tanks, swimming pools, machinery, floors, ceilings, brick & CMU walls etc. Whether you want to remove oils, rust, graffiti, or dirt, sandblast is the best solution. You will need sandblasting when it’s important to prepare a surface for painting too. Due to the high pressure of sand particles spraying, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The surface is free of old paintings or oils and becomes as rough as needed for the painting to adhere properly. Make an appointment for commercial or industrial sandblasting service.

Our company sends out expert sandblasting contractors

Choose our company for your needs. We will send an experienced and well-equipped portable sandblasting contractor to handle your needs. With the proper equipment in the truck, the team is properly geared to remove paint or contaminants and thus add years to your machinery. They can clean stubborn oil stains and rust and will remove any residue of previous painting.

Sandblasting services are completed in a safe manner

Not only will our company cover your needs with the best mobile sandblasting team in Anaheim, Long Beach and their surrounding regions in Orange County but on the day you request the job done too. Are you in a hurry to prep a surface for painting? Need a team to clean machinery in a construction site? Let us worry about such things. Simply give us a call and let us know of your needs. Feel free to contact us even if you need a small job. We don’t distinguish between big or small jobs. If you need our help, you will get it. Your commercial or manufacturing equipment will be cleaned and sandblasted to your satisfaction.

When you leave sandblasting to us, we make sure the job is done effectively and safely too. Not only will the pros be dressed properly for their own protection but will also utilize the right equipment to collect dust and thus protect the environment from safety hazards. Let us handle any Orange County commercial sandblasting request to have peace of mind.