About Us

Customer-oriented, our company doesn’t only offer sandblasting solutions in Orange County, California, but ensures that each and every job is done in a safe and effective way. We are at the service of all business owners in need of a sandblasting company. We can handle their needs in an affordable, professional, and timely manner.

Ask our help whether you want industrial or commercial sandblasting service in Long Beach and Anaheim but also all the surrounding areas in Orange County. We can assist small factories, huge industries, manufacturing units, machine shops, constructions etc. As long as you need mobile sandblasting, we are the company to turn to.

Why sandblasting is a good idea for you?

As you most likely know, sandblasting is the effective way of cleaning surfaces, ranging from stucco and concrete to wood and steel. Tanks, machinery, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces will occasionally need cleaning. Oil residues, old paints, rust, and other contaminants are hard to remove. We offer the best sandblasting solutions. Apart from cleaning surfaces, this technique is useful when you need to prepare surfaces for new painting.

An experienced sandblasting contractor will use the best method depending on what you need. Dry sandblasting is the usual technique for roughing up surfaces and thus prep them for new coatings. It includes spraying sand particles at very high pressures to ensure the removal of all dirt or paint residues. Call us for sandblasting on:

  • Steel tanks
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Wood beam ceilings
  • Swimming pools
  • Warehouses
  • Sidewalks and parking lots
  • Steel re-bars
  • And more

With us, you receive safe and pro sandblasting services in Orange County

Not only do the contractors offer mobile sandblasting service and thus help quickly but utilize the right equipment to ensure the job is completed in a safe way. They utilize dust collectors and all tools needed to ensure everything is done in accordance with all safety regulations but effectively too.

You can trust us to undertake small or big jobs and show the same zeal and attention. Our team will proudly handle the cleaning of a single tank or brick and CMU walls. We cover a huge spectrum of sandblast projects and always send well-equipped and trained pros to do the job. Turn to us for services you can trust. Give us a call if you need our help. Sandblasting Solutions Orange County is at your service.